Its a bloggers dream to be able to write a blog post which makes a lot of money over and over and over again. Usually it takes a lot of skill to write such a post AND a high demand product with a high price tag.  Today however I would like to teach you EXACTLY how to earn $10,000+ with a single blog post and FREE products.  

The products are a range of items that might make you a little money when used individually, but as a package deal have the potential to fill your bank account.  You simply need to put them together correctly……and I show you how to do that.  

The first product you need is an account with Leadsleap.  This is going to provide you with a special ad and lead capture page which I have designed for you.  

Click Here To Join Leadsleap

After registering with this account, click on “Page Manager” in the menu then import the page into your account.  To do this click the blue add a new campaign button first, then add a campaign name.  I suggest you use the name “single blog post that earns $10,000”.  

Next you need to click the button which says add a new page to start, and use the Import Using A Share Code option.  The code to enter in the box is LnYVVVGkU

You now have a copy of the special ad and lead capture page which you will need to promote on free to join traffic sites.   The traffic sites you need to join are: 

Elite List Building

Ad Exchange Leads

Website Traffic Rewards

Infinity Traffic Boost

Infinity Mailer Boost

Hungry for Hits

Viral URL

Each of these sites provide different things and earning systems which you will need to use as part of this plan. They are the first “Cash Generators”. You will start making money with these simply for using them and promoting them on your own blog post (which will be a copy of this post). They will also be used to share the special ad lead capture page you have just imported into Leadsleap.

You will start off by using the free ad packages provided on each site to promote your lead capture page from Leadsleap, then you need to surf other member ads to earn ad credits AND cash.

The cash you earn on each site will be used to upgrade each one. This gives you a LOT of traffic to promote your page from Leadsleap, but also increases your earnings considerably. You will be able to start upgrading your traffic accounts within a few days of using them. In fact you can earn the $0.25 or $0.50 to upgrade Hungry for Hits on your first day. Simply play the games while surfing on there, move earned commission funds to your Piggy Bank to get a 20% bonus, and choose the 1 day Silver or Gold upgrade. You can do this each time you have earned the funds from surfing to give yourself a big ad boost.

If you prefer to do so you can of course pay to upgrade these sites without having to spend the time surfing to earn the cash first. This is a much faster way to start earning as it gives you a LOT of traffic to promote your special ad lead capture page as well as that commission boost. It will cost less than $100 to upgrade on them all, including Leadsleap. The upgrade on Leadsleap gives you the added benefit of being able to run ads 24/7 and send the link to your blog post completely automatically. This turns your single blog post into an automated, or hands free, set and forget, earning machine.

Alternatively, if you can’t afford to upgrade on those sites straight away, you can use the following free sites to help you earn your upgrades much faster than surfing alone. For example some people like to spend a day or 2 doing surveys or other earning tasks like playing games, watching videos and doing ad clicks on these sites to earn the $10 required to upgrade Elite List Building. Use these sites daily and you can pay for all the upgrades pretty quickly and really boost your earnings:



Free Bitcoin


The next thing you need is a good quality affiliate product which sells consistently, but one that offers a free to join level. There are not many of these which I would be happy to recommend to others, but Instant Profits Club is a great one. Even the free level teaches a lot about marketing and is worth having access to. It will teach you more about promoting your blog post, let you earn more from doing that…… and the upgraded options provide high level earnings that never stop coming in.

Lastly, but by no means least you will need to create the blog post just like this one. You will send the people who fill in their details on the special ad lead capture page to this blog post for them to join each site. I recommend you use an account with Global Domains International to create your blog post as this can easily be monetised further in ways that other accounts cannot. You do have to pay $10 a month for this account, but you get 7 days free to let you start earning first.

Income Proof

Can this page really generate income of $10,000?

Yes it can, if you follow the directions provided correctly. You will start earning a small amount from day 1 if you use the surfing option and the additional free sites. The high level income however comes after you have upgraded each site and started promoting your own blog page. Below you can see screenshots of earnings from the sites included in this post:

Leadsleap Earnings:

Timebucks Earnings:

Elite List Building Earnings:

Global Domains International Earnings:

Ad Exchange Leads Earnings:

Hungry for Hits Commissions:

Infinity Traffic Boost Commissions:

IPC Club Commissions:

Website Traffic Rewards Commissions:

Total Earnings = $10,670.47

That makes this a very good blog post to have right? I haven’t even included earnings from each site on this post……

So, if you really want to make money online, using a proven method, and one that can easily be replicated without paying a penny to get started just follow the instructions provided above, then copy this post across to your own blog on Global Domains International, update the referral links to your own, and let it work for you!

Best Wishes

Ellie xx

PS: There are many more simple earning plans provided on Elite List Building which will take your earnings to $100,000+ if you want. Check those out for free from the members dashboard.



There are so many ways to earn online in 2022 that it can be a bit hard to choose…… but you probably know already that a lot of what is out there doesn’t work for the majority of people.

I don’t know about you, but I prefer to work in ways that make it really hard to fail. When you focus on simple and tried and tested methods, success certainly becomes easier.

Thats why I personally decided to use this unique system. With a few clicks it was set up and running, and I started making money straight away.

So what is this unique system?

It is this page. You see I get paid when people read this page – thank you for reading so far! I also get paid more when people click on any of the ads on this page…….and the ads are interesting and make people want to click on them. They tell you about things like where to get great advertising that actually works, and all marketers want to know that, right?

More than that however, this page demonstrates how simple it really is to make money online when you learn real marketing skills. The advertising on this page is just a very small example of how I make money every single day without fail. If you want to know about where to get great advertising….. or if you want to see the proof of earnings I promised to provide, just scroll down this page.

Proof of Earning

This is proof of earning from just 2 of the sites that I use. These were used to set up this page:


The total earnings shown above is $4170.41…… however as I make money daily with these sites the screenshots provided above are already out of date……

Disclaimer: Please Note That Earning Proof Above Does NOT Guarantee You Will Earn This Amount
– You Could Earn More or Less Than The Amounts Shown As It Depends on ACTION TAKEN.


For those of you who are using my capture pages, below is a list of my current campaign capture pages. First let me explain how you can promote many different pages without getting confused.

When you start using traffic sites you should start off by using a single capture page. Test it and see how it works. I have tested all the pages below and have got responses from them all. Now I use a large number of pages and this is how I do it:

Main Promo Pages

The first thing I do is have a small set of main pages that I will be promoting on EVERY site I use. For example:

Elite List Building – I will use 1 or 2 options depending on what suits the specific site. The surfers splash page is designed specifically for traffic exchanges, but the main referral link page will work best on mailers. The $1 – $100 splash page works everywhere.

Harvest Coop – The coop link from this site goes on every traffic exchange site I use. It increases the reach of my ads to sites that I have never even heard of and will probably never use.

These are my top priority and I will always add them first to new sites I join.

Using My Capture Pages

I prioritise these based on the results that I am getting. The page with the highest conversion rate over the highest number of sites is allocated as CP1, the next is CP2 etc.

As the number of ad slots I have available increases as well as the number of ad credits I will add these pages in order. So if I only have 3 ad slots I will use 2 for the links above and the 3rd slot goes to CP1. If I have 6 slots available along with enough credits to run them all I will add CP1 – CP4 as well as the 2 links from above.

On some sites I have a LOT of different pages running, and on some I just have a few, but they are ALWAYS added in order so the top converting pages are shared on the most number of sites.

The list of Capture Pages in Priority Order

CP1 = Ultimate Team Build: (New and Testing)

CP2 = 30 mins a day:  (New and Testing)

CP3 = $1000 in 7 Days:

CP4 = $5 commissions in 5 mins daily: 

CP5 = Daily Success Plan:

CP6 = Love To Surf?: (For ITB only)


There are no share codes provided for these pages as they are feeding rotators for all members of ELB.

Best Wishes

Ellie xx


You know what? I hear it all the time…… “I have no money”, or “I have no time”, as if that is reason enough to not make money online.

Fact is you can make a HUGE amount of money online in 30 mins a day using a free system.

This is probably the easiest money you will ever make. Now don’t get me wrong, there is a high likelihood that many people reading this post will not make it past the first hurdle. That is to commit to working for that 30 mins a day everyday.

Here is a FACT for you. Those who commit to working for 30 mins a day, and do it for at least a month, will make money. Those who don’t commit will not. Its really that simple.

If you will do it daily then the money will start to flow. It will not come immediately – This is not some get rich quick scam. You MUST work daily or it will not build your income.

The only thing you need to do is surf 100 pages…… if you agree to do that, then I can and will help you to make a LOT of money. Are you willing to do the work? Willing to do it daily? If yes then Click Here and create a free account.

After joining then click on the surf pages button and surf 100 pages. Simple right?

You do that bit, and I will help you get team members to build your income. This is what will build your income to high levels, and you can see how that works in my post: Infinity Traffic Boost Earning Plan. You just need 4 active referrals for the plan to work. (See the post next after this one for more details)

Want To DOUBLE Your Chances of Success?

When I create an earning plan, I want to really maximise the chances of success, so without having to do any extra work at all lets include another income stream.

All you have to do is join Elite List Building and share your ref link for that site on Infinity Traffic Boost. Keep surfing those 100 pages daily and you will build your income in 2 different ways at the same time:

You will be earning surfer shares on Infinity Traffic Boost (which can and does turn into a lot of money when you follow the plan).

You will also be earning commission on Elite List Building as and when you get paid referrals joining this site. You will earn $1 as a free member for each Gold member upgrade, or if you want to upgrade to Gold yourself for $10 you will earn $5 for each one instead. That has the added benefits of me promoting your link for ELB for you until you earn $100.

Want To Multiple Your Chances of Success by 100+?

Simply update the links inside Elite List Building……. Surf those 100 pages per day and share your ref link for ELB. As long as you update the links for the different sites inside ELB then your referrals will start to join the different sites inside the system as well. Again if anyone upgrades then you will earn commission……. but there are also sites included which pay you for getting free referrals.

That means you will be building 100+ different income streams just by surfing 100 pages a day on Infinity Traffic Boost.

Earning online really is not that difficult. Follow this simple daily routine and you will be making money each day (It starts with a small amount daily and will grow and grow and grow!)

The secret to success is to be consistent. Surf 100 pages EVERY DAY and you will soon see your income levels building.

Want Even More Chances of Success?

Just in case all of options above are not enough…… there is a simple way to increase your chances of success even more. Now this one does take a little extra work, but just 5 mins extra per day.

Inside Elite List Building you will see an earning plan called Earn $5 in 5 Mins Per Day. This will show you how to advertise ELB on many different traffic sites without having to click for ad credits. You join a new traffic site each day, use a promo code to get advertising, and share your ref link for Elite List Building. To earn the $5 you just need to be upgraded to Gold (costs $10), and you will earn $5 for EACH paid referral you get.

Even as a free member doing this you can earn $1 for any upgraded referrals…… so you can literally earn the $10 upgrade before spending anything. Remember sharing your ref link for ELB can and does help you build 100+ income streams at the same time as long as you have updated the links inside the system. Promote it daily using the 5 min per day option and by surfing on Infinity Traffic Boost and you will soon see the money flow.

Happy Earning!

Ellie xx


I recently started working on a plan to withdraw $20,000 from Infinity Traffic Boost (ITB).

Click Here to Join Infinity Traffic Boost

My plan follows the 100% no deposit required method of earning. To show exactly how this works here are the calculations:

Based on the current surf pool share level which is around 5 – 8 satoshi as shown below:

Earning 5 satoshi per surf share = USD $0.0019836830 at todays value

Surf 100 pages = 50 satoshi per day = USD $0.0198175 ($0.02)

TPO1 = Costs Approx $2

100 days of surfing without referrals to upgrade.

(you can also speed this up by claiming Free Bitcoin on other sites daily)

With active 4 referrals also surfing 100 pages per day = 18 shares x 5 satoshi = 90 satoshi per day = $0.0356546070 ($0.03 – $0.04)

50 – 60 days of surfing with 4 referrals to upgrade

Using On Site Funds To Upgrade To The Top

Of course the higher earning levels come when you start purchasing the advertising packages on ITB. You can use this system to purchase your way to the top level. Here are the calculations:

Purchase TPO1 = Approx $2

4 refs purchase TPO1 = $8 and 80% commission = $6.40

Purchase TPO2 = Approx $5

4 refs purchase TPO2 = $20 and 80% commission = $16

Purchase TPO3 = Approx $10

4 refs purchase TPO3 = $40 and 80% commission = $32

Purchase TPO4 = Approx $20

4 refs purchase TPO4 = $80 and 80% commission = $64

Purchase TPO5 = Approx $40

4 refs purchase TPO5 = $116 and 80% commission = $92.80

Purchase TPO6 = Approx $80

4 refs purchase TPO6 = $320 and 80% commission = $256

Purchase TPO7 = Approx $160

4 refs purchase TPO7 = $640 and 80% commission = $512

Purchase TPO8 = Approx $315

4 refs purchase TPO8 = $1260 and 80% commission = $1008

Purchase TPO9 = Approx $635

4 refs purchase TPO9 = $2540 and 80% commission = $2032

Purchase TPO 10 = Approx $1265

4 refs purchase TPO 10 = $5060 and 80% commission = $4048

Purchase TPO 11 = Approx $2500

4 refs purchase TPO 11 = $10,000 and 80% commission = $8000

Purchase TPO 11b = Approx $5000

4 refs purchase TPO11b = $20,000 and 80% commission = $16,000

Purchase TPO 11c = Approx $10,000

4 refs purchase TPO 11c = $40,000 and 80% commission = $32,000

Purchase TPO 11d = Approx $20,000

4 refs purchase TPO 11d = $80,000 and 80% commission = $64,000


Of course as you purchase the TPO’s on Infinity traffic boost you get advertising credits which can be used to promote any other business. This calculation does not take into account money earned from doing that.

So basically by surfing 100 pages per day for a maximum of 100 days, and getting just 4 active referrals to do the same, you can earn a PROFIT of $64,000 at the top level of ITB. You ALSO earn a profit with each TPO level before that AND get a huge amount of advertising credits to promote any other business at the same time.

Time to join and surf 100 pages a day…..

Click Here to Join Infinity Traffic Boost


Oh wow….. I do love it when a reader challenges me to “Step up to the Plate” and I have to admit I deserved this one. Its just a few days since I published my $10 A Month List Submitter – Does It Work? post, and I got an email which said “If its so easy then why don’t you do it?”.

Fact is I already do…… I have referral rotators running all the time now which help others to build their incomes. Each day I personally advertise on behalf of just over 150 people at the moment. I not only help them to get referrals and commissions on over 100 different sites, I also teach them how to use the contact list that I create on their behalf to promote ANY business.

As part of my normal day to day activities, I just launched a new referral rotator campaign today. At the moment there are 28 people I am promoting for with this campaign.

My first target for this is to provide 1000 real hits for each of those 28 people.

So I can show I am doing what I say I will do, you can see the screenshots below:

Current Target = 1000 Hits for EACH link – (I will increase this constantly each time I reach the current target for fully unlimited advertising).

Before Hits Started

Hits Have Just Started

The First 1000 Hits:

I will soon have the daily hit levels much higher than those I received with the Safelist Submitter….. I can guarantee that!

Referrals and Sales

Anyone can get low quality hits, which don’t actually convert…… however I am doing real advertising which does convert into referrals and sales. Below you can see that the hits I am getting are converting into referrals and sales for my members already:

Want Advertising Done For You

This is a service that I provide for my VIP members of Elite List Building. To have your link added to the list above simply register on Elite List Building and upgrade to VIP level. It is a one off cost of $97 with the new members offer, or $149 if taken later, and the advertising continues forever.

I also run a referral rotator for ALL upgraded members at Gold level or above. That upgrade is a one off payment of $10 and Gold members stay on the rotator until they have earned $100 of commission from ELB. There are currently 153 people incuded in that rotator.

Note I automatically update the links in all my rotator campaigns daily.

Ellie xx